Our Story

Here You Will Find Some Information About Us.

Premier Foods is a 100% family-owned meat processing and distribution facility with its own line of consumer ready product, distributing to retail grocery chains throughout the mid-west region of the United States.

Where We Are Today

Premier Foods’ Consumer Ready Pork, Beef, Ground Beef and Value Added products are the premier programs available for your stores today. We have made the investment in new, state of the art equipment and facilities ensuring you the highest quality of product at the lowest overhead cost for your customers.

Our programs are uniquely different in the industry today. We use our customer’s specifications as our specifications. In other words, we process the product the way you want it processed. We don’t develop a program and present it to you, you tell us what you would like and we process it that way. We become your private processor, not only for pork, but all of your fresh food needs in the future.

Where We Are Headed

With all the current changes and future changes expected in the fresh food industry, Premier Foods is positioning itself to become your private food processor. It is not our company’s goal to be everything to everyone. Our company is here to be used as a “tool” by the aggressive thinking retailer to position their company ahead of the competition.

Leveraging the collaborative support of national organizations such as the AMI, FMI, NPPC, and key raw product suppliers, we are able to use these combined resources to focus on the needs of you, the retailer. This broad base makes Premier Foods the obvious choice to “partner” with now and in the future.

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